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  What is the movie about, and when can I see it?  

The film tells the story of the last twelve hours leading up to Jesus Christ�s death on the cross, and ends with His Resurrection. Mel Gibson has said, "It's very visual, and it's about something that has�affected civilization in every possible way you can imagine."

The Passion of the Christ will be in theaters February 25, 2004 (Ash Wednesday), marking the start of Lent.

  Will the movie have English subtitles?  
  The trailer does not include English subtitles, but the movie will. The Passion of the Christ is in Aramaic, Latin, and Hebrew, the languages Jesus and his disciples spoke, to keep the authenticity. The screenplay was translated into Latin and Aramaic by Jesuit linguistics professor Bill Fulco.  
  Did someone get hit by lightening during production?  

Assistant director Jan Michelini was struck by lighting twice during filming, according to The Associated Press. The first time, a bolt struck his umbrella, singeing the tips of his fingers, and the second time, several months later, both Michelini and star Jim Caviezel were hit. Neither were seriously injured.

In an interview, Gibson said, "There have been a lot of unusual things happening, good things like people being healed of diseases, a couple of people have had sight and hearing restored, another guy was struck by lightning while we were filming the crucifixion scene and he just got up and walked away."

  Is the movie anti-semitic?  

Even though many Jews support the movie, a few have show concern that in telling the history and portraying the reality of Jesus' sufferings, it might stir up anti-semitism. However, even though Jesus was a Jew and was crucified by some Romans and Jews, the Bible is very clear on why Jesus really died- to pay for the sins of all who would receive him. It is our sins that crucified Jesus.

"But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us." (Romans 5:8. Also see Romans 6:23, 10:9-13; I Timothy 1:15)

In a statement, Gibson said, "Anti-Semitism is not only contrary to my personal beliefs, it is also contrary to the core message of my movie. The Passion is a film meant to inspire, not offend."

  Where was it filmed?  
  Shooting switched between the famous Cinecitta studios just outside Rome and the town of Matera, in southern Italy. Matera is famous for an ancient district with caves, streets, and houses similar to Jerusalem at the time of Jesus. The film is produced by Icon Productions, and distributed by New Market Films.  
  Is Mel Gibson acting in the movie?  
  Mel Gibson is not starring in the movie, but he produced, directed, and paid $20-25 million of his own money to make it. Jim Caviezel was cast in the role of Jesus  
  Who else is in the cast?  

The cast includes:
Jim Caviezel (Jesus Christ)
Monica Bellucci (Mary Magdalene)
Rosalinda Celentano (Satan)
Sergio Rubini (Dismas)

  What will the film be rated?  
  Because Gibson wanted to accurately portray the suffering of Christ, the movie will have an R-rating. Parents should be advised that the movie will be more vivid and graphic than previous films about Jesus.  
  How can I find out more about Jesus Christ and Christianity?  
  Visit for answers to quesitons about Christianity and learn more about Jesus Christ.  
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